Bringing Peace on Earth
World's First School of Equanimity and Even-Sightedness

Considered to be the marvel of all times, not just architecturally, but also in its philosophy, purpose and design, this will be the world's first school of equanimity and even-sightedness. From here, the science of inner dimensions will be taught through a systematic process of meditation i.e. a way by which one can always remain in one's natural state of purity in its entire splendor. Meditation is the only spiritual tool to liberate the mind from ignorance, illusion and evil instincts. People from all over the world, all religions, all sections of society, all age groups, all colour, caste and creed, will be trained here to skillfully – adopt the constitution of Satyug, which is the skillful practice of equanimity and even-sightedness.

State of equanimity and even-sightedness means holding oneself firmly in contentment, truthfulness, endurance and righteousness, while keeping one's thought, speech and action in pure and independent state, free from any negativity and with a firm belief in the omnipresence of God and evenly visualizing His eternal light in all the animate and inanimate world. Purity of thought and uniformity of vision is the only criterion for admission to this school.

Starting of this school would be an end to all dualisms– the root cause of all evil, unrest and deterioration in the world today. Through this school, it is an endeavour to once again establish the natural code of conduct and value system for the mankind and dismantle the man-made boundaries of religion, caste and social status.